Faith defines what we do. It is why we adopt, why we homeschool, and why we created Adopt a Family. God has brought us into His family, full of second chances, repaired relationships, and lots (and lots!) of grace. It is in our very nature to pass on that gift with a passion for adoption and a passion for starting over, health wise or otherwise.

“Make A Wish” Grants A Wish…A Teen Boy Gives His Wish Away

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Meet Andrew Rundle. In this picture he had not yet been diagnosed with cancer. Our family has known the Rundle family for more than 10 years. Andrew, even as a young boy, was a remarkable boy and had such a … Continued

Fulmer Family Adoption ♥

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Meet the Fulmer Family. =) They are opening their hearts and home again to adopt another child. Please read their story, pray and support them how you can AND share their post by clicking below. Together we can all make … Continued

Meet The Family ♥

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My in-laws, handsome hubby of 19 years, and our 9 children…all under one roof…and we lived Happily Ever After…or something like that! We live together, love much, forgive much and have grown much because of it!   It is beautiful chaos … Continued