When Duane and I met, I told him that I was not willing to marry him if he was not willing to have 12 children. I was dead serious, too! I wanted lots of kids. As an accountant, (and since we were already 27 and 29), Duane later told me that he did the math and figured out that I likely couldn’t have that many babies. So he agreed to the deal! He told me if God wants us to have 12 children, then I’m ok with that.

Since then, we have grown to a family of eleven, homeschooling our children with some tutoring help (I will share more about how I never thought that I’d NOT homeschool every subject and for every child), and have invited Duane’s parents to come live with us over a decade ago. We live a happy and busy family life, and we can’t wait to share more of it with you! Below is a peek into the story of our kids and our in-laws.

Our Kids: We have nine lovely~scratch that~crazy, fun, loud, big hearted kids in the house, from Caleb (who is 18) to Sarah Rose (who is 4). In the middle we have Corrine (15), Noah (14), Nick (12), Joel (11), Sophie (10), Andrew (8), and Titus (8). We love the freedom and all the opportunities that homeschooling allows for growth and stretching of us all…we wouldn’t have it any other way, most days! We love them to pieces, and I can’t wait to share more about their personalities.

Our In-Laws: My husband’s parents have lived with us for ten plus years. Currently living in our walk-out basement apartment, they are a wonderful help as we run a household of nine kids! But like all families, we run into issues with chaos, privacy, and communication. While our arrangement sounds (and is!) amazing, it is also work, refining me to be more. More . I will definitely be sharing with you some of the daily ins and outs of living with in-laws!

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