As certified health coaches, Duane and I want to share our experience with weight loss, and we want to share how we support others as they lose weight and reach their fitness goals.

When I started our weight loss program, I had doubts. I was discouraged. I had tried everything. I didn’t believe it would work or that I could stick with it. But it was so easy and I saw results so quickly! As a mom, I give so much to my family that I often run out of energy to take care of myself. And that’s where this comprehensive weight loss program came through for me. I can grab a shake, bar, or any meal and get the nutrients I need to fuel my body well. As I have coached many others, I have been privileged to see first hand the same awesome results. The lack of energy and brain fog clear away as you regulate your blood sugar levels and go into fat burning around day 4 on program. As you lose the weight you are also working on changing on the inside. You can lose the weight but if you don’t change the unhealthy habits into health habits you might as well save your fat clothes because you will gain the weight back. I know I would not be where I am today with my weight loss without my health coach who helped hold me accountable to doing the hard work of changing! I lost 110 pounds in 10 months, and I have around 25 pounds to go. It was easy for Duane, too. He doesn’t cook, and he was able to do the program while flying out of state for work each week. He reached his goal of losing 72 pounds in just 5 months. Along with losing weight we gained stronger, healthier bodies. Duane’s sleep apnea symptoms went away 2.5 weeks after starting the program and his colitis symptoms also went away. Truly~Nothing feels as good as getting health feels.

We believe so much in this program and are so passionate about sharing with others because our lives~body, spirit and finances~have all been changed in so many amazing ways. Duane walked away from a great job as an accountant of 15 years, to work with me as a health coach. We have transitioned to having Daddy HOME! An answered prayer of ours, that we had prayed over for years!

So, what is it that do we do? We get to set our own schedule, be with our kids and fill our “work-time” with coming alongside others encouraging them along on their weight-loss journey and sharing our lives with all these amazing, transforming people. We also get to share this journey and help others do what we do. Duane’s vision is to help 50 other families become financially free and be home with their families. Did I mention that we also can travel anywhere and still “work” as long as we have a cell phone and laptop? The freedom to come and go where God leads is truly amazing! Sometimes I want to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming when I think about the life that God has brought us to!

Here’s what my health coach told me at the beginning when I was doubtful and discouraged: “Trust me. I believe in this program, so let me believe for you until you believe it yourself.” I hope I can do the same for you.

Our fitness coaching is free with the program. Contact us here for more information.

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