That Scatterbrained Feeling… 4 Tips To Help You Get Focused

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This morning I woke up in a hotel room with my hubby and 5 of my kiddos.Traveling is always fun but can throw me into a state of chaos pretty quickly if I do not plan my day well. My morning went something like this~waking to giggles (aka loud boy fooling around horseplay) from the little boys in the living area who slept on the hide-a-bed couch, hubby wanting to know which tie looks best “Honey, does this match?” me trying to focus and find my glasses and adjust to the bright lights, then trying to work the coffee pot, getting kids dressed and hair fixed so that we can be somewhat presentable when we walk down to breakfast. Then my phone starts ringing. It’s an urgent phone call from my Mother-in-law as she is back home with the other half of the kids…The likelihood of me finding a quiet moment where I can actually focus so that I can get in some work done for an hour or two was not looking very likely!

I thought to myself this must be what it is like to have ADHD! So many things coming at me and no time to figure out what to do first. I found myself being tossed from one urgent thing to the next and not in control of my morning. Not how I like things to be!

Here are a few tips that I am putting in place to make tomorrow morning run a bit more smoothly!

1. Wake up BEFORE the kids. Duh! Even while on a trip this is important to be up and ready to take on the day.

2. Getting in my walking/exercise and not depending on caffeine to get my brain working. Studies show that your brain will begin to expect the caffeine in order to be focused and you will eventually find that you lack mental clarity without the caffeine. On the other hand physical activity has been shown to help sharpen your focus. Obviously, exercise is moving you towards Optimal Health NOT my cup of coffee!

3. Get to bed on time! If you are not getting enough sleep and by sleep I mean deep sleep where you’re entering into REM, it will effect how well you can focus. If you regularly get less than 7 hours of sleep each night then you are likely not getting enough deep sleep. Turn off the TV, computer or whatever electronic devise draws you in and go to bed. I also am purposing to NOT have my phone by my bed. I do not need to check email, facebook and texts the moment before I go to sleep and upon rising. I’m choosing to put in place what matters most and living my life on purpose…not being distracted along the way by “this shinny thing” or that funny post. Reminds me of what someone coined as FOMO (Fear of missing out). Plan your days around what YOU want to do and be. I used to be caught up in checking a few facebook groups that were like a constant online garage sale. If you didn’t check in regularly and post quickly you would likely miss out.

4. lastly I’m going to say it again “Drink More Water!” when we are dehydrated even as little as 2% you may not even feel any difference but your brain detects even the smallest changes and will not be functioning at its best. As soon as your feet hit the ground pour yourself a tall glass of filtered water and drink it down. After your body has been in state of fasting all night you need to rehydrate your body to get your brain working at its best and to jump start that metabolism.

Here’s to a better, more focused morning tomorrow!

Tricia ♥

Tricia Dixon~Finding What Matters Most

Tricia is a wife of 19 years, Mom to 9 children (6 bio & 3 adopted from Ethiopia) who has gone from surviving to thriving, helping others find health in their body mind/heart and financially. Coming alongside helping people to dream big again and to step out in faith and LIVE!   

Having gone from her husband traveling all week, every week, to living a life they once only dreamed of…they now desire to give hope & support to those who are dissatisfied with their current situation.


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